Stephanie Hampton

Standing on the ice

THEMES: Science & Research  |  WORKSHOP: Natural History & Research


Stephanie Hampton

Stephanie Hampton is an aquatic ecologist with research interests ranging from animal behavior to community and ecosystem ecology. She joined the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (NCEAS) as Deputy Director in May 2006 after several years on faculty at the University of Idaho. Her core expertise is in freshwater plankton ecology. Primarily her research focuses on discerning the direct and indirect effects of climate change and human pollutants on plankton communities through statistical analysis of long-term data sets from lakes, with recent forays into marine studies. She also has engaged in research on the sociology of scientific collaboration and the communication of science to the public and policy makers.




What I wanted to say was that none of this natural history information, none of these numbers we work with, exist without the people who collected them. If you look at a 60-year data set from this amazing place on earth and just see the tremendous amount of data there, all those numbers. There is a person standing on the ice who loves this place so much that they will go out there every two weeks through all seasons of the year to collect those data and create this amazing resource that contributes to our ability to protect environments and to understand them.