Ken Voorhis

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Ken Voorhis

Ken Voorhis is executive director of Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont where he has served since 1984. He and his staff have developed a varied schedule of successful programs that encourage children and adults in the appreciation of the Great Smokies and their connection to the natural world. He lives in the park with his wife Jennifer who is also an educator. He has three college-age children who grew up in the park as well. He is also an avid photographer, storyteller and musician in addition to enjoying many outdoor pursuits including hiking, canoeing, birding, trees, and exploring out of the way places in the Smokies.




I think what I come back to, as I think about us getting to be old guys and moving forward, what I most want to spend time doing is what I started out doing. Just getting out there and experiencing new and wild places; getting out there with friends who have the mutual desire to learn more about what's out there; to soak it up; to hear the pygmy owl or the varied thrushes, or wander up the trail and talk about the different kinds of plants we're seeing, or what warblers are coming back. I guess I just want to play more.