Patricia Zaradic

Moms of the world

THEMES: Childhood & Family, Society, Conservation  |  WORKSHOP: Natural History & Society


Patricia Zaradic

Dr. Patricia Zaradic is a conservation ecologist whose research explores the interface between human resource needs and nature. She is the director and co-founder of Red Rock Institute and her current work combining economic, social science and ecological approaches to address pressing conservation issues and has been featured on NBC, and other popular media outlets. Patricia’s PhD research through the University of Pennsylvania examined the long term impacts of logging on stream ecosystems in old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. She did further postdoctoral work in east coast stream systems with Stroud Water Research Center using Artificial Neural Networks, a form of artificial intelligence, to analyze links between land use and stream health. Patricia has received support from an EPA Science to Achieve Results doctoral grant, the National Science Foundation and a Nature Conservancy Smith Conservation Research Postdoctoral Fellowship. She was selected as an Environmental Leadership Program Fellow for the Delaware Valley Region and regularly provides science research for The Nature Conservancy.




Patricia Zaradic: It's interesting to me that in terms of nurturing and leaving a legacy to the next generation, those people that are often the most closely affiliated with nurturing and with the next generation – the moms of the world – are, for some reason, so absent from the table of actually making those decisions of what legacy to we want to – through our stewardship, through our conservation – leave for those very young people that she's holding in her arms, and nursing and breast feeding. It just seems like we really need to shift that.